For The Shame of New Blackery

We do not thank Morgan Freeman who opened the « New Black School ».
So much damage done since then…

Black Millennials

When a certain cohort of Black celebrities attain class privilege, they turn into New Blacks. The term coined by Pharrell, is an old concept in 21st century window dressing. New Blackery is respectability politics magnified by the coveted access, resources, and luxuries that a large bank account brings. With an elevated class status, New Blacks forget the lens by which lower and middle class Black people view racism and race relations because such a lens doesn’t help their brand or bottom line.

When we see a dead Black body laid in the street for over four and half hours, we see a tradition of racist oppression, in which Black bodies are targeted, captured, and killed by a network of institutional racism every 28 hours … not a bully. To us, bullies are those members of law enforcement, vigilantes, and their barely-guised racist supporters who, collectively, uphold these racist systems…

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Une réflexion sur “For The Shame of New Blackery

  1. The fact that white people bring up what ‘new blacks’ say to invalidate a fight/stifle a protest against racism testifies of the damage of it all. As if their PR-oriented speech is representative of a whole community (eg: what do mean « white people saying the N word is racist »? Don’t forget that xxx said he has no problem w his white friends saying it! Quit whining!). Common, Morgan Freeman and the likes… it’s disgusting.


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