An open letter to No One is Illegal (NOII) and their supporters


To NOII-Vancouver/NOII-Toronto and their supporters:

On November 30th, a letter was issued by members of the Rwandan genocide survivor community in Vancouver that asked No One Is Illegal-Vancouver to be accountable for inviting Jean Hakizamana to their « Refugees Welcome” event on October 11th, during which he physically assaulted a 75-year-old Rwandan woman and genocide survivor.

We are a group of Black women and allies who continue to be concerned because despite No One is Illegal-Vancouver’s public apology and admission of systemic anti-blackness, a new round of harassment and intimidation has been unleashed on Black women who have spoken out in support of the Nov 30th letter.

Indeed, individual Black women who have publicly supported the Rwandan survivor community in Vancouver and Toronto have been targeted for public harassment and intimidation by supporters of No One is Illegal- Toronto and Vancouver. Moreover, even though No One is Illegal-Vancouver admits to persistent anti-blackness…

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